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Strawberry Queen E-Liquid

Made In North Hollywood, California. Freshly picked and straight from the vine, Strawberry Queen is an elite e-liquid with 7 flavors that are perfect for any and all strawberry lover. All hail the Queen.

Queen By Strawberry Queen E-Liquid

Experience the delight of fresh picked strawberries with your pinky held high that will have you feeling like royalty.

King By Strawberry Queen E-Liquid

Let's just chill with this refreshingly fantastic blend of strawberry and ice that simply rules.

Knight By Strawberry Queen E-Liquid

Join the nobel strawberry and cream cavalry. It will surely gain your loyalty due to it's sinful decadence.

Jester By Strawberry Queen E-Liquid

This strawberry jelly donut indulgence is no joke, a performance that will leave your taste buds touched by magic.

Mason By Strawberry Queen E-Liquid

The Mason is a delectable blend of fresh squeezed lemonade, combined with sweet muddled strawberries. Delivering a stimulating vaping experience every time.

Dragon By Strawberry Queen E-Liquid

The Dragon is an exquisite e-liquid that unites a variety of delectable components. A golden biscuit base followed by espresso emulsified with whipped frosting then layered on top of fresh strawberries with slight hints of cocoa powder. A force to be reckoned with.

Gypsy By Strawberry Queen E-Liquid

The Gypsy begins with a base of a buttery, moist, pound cake, drizzled with a sweet condensed milk. From there, the strawberry fields ripest for the picking supply the most flavorful berries to dress this pleasure inducing strawberry shortcake dessert.