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Menthol & Mint

Berry Ice By Chrome E-Liquid

Blue and red fruity medley that will keep you cool all summer long.

Green Apple By Chrome E-Liquid

Crisp, sweet, and refreshing- it's winter at Granny Smith's house.

Peach Ice By Chrome E-Liquid

Georgia meets Alaska with this amazing Sweet Peach infused with an icy chill to keep you refreshed year round.

Watermelon Ice By Chrome E-Liquid

A minty breeze on a summer watermelon

King By Strawberry Queen E-Liquid

Let's just chill with this refreshingly fantastic blend of strawberry and ice that simply rules.

Venice Beach By Fumi Vapor E-Liquid

"BERRY WET NIPS" Behold the cool ice cone experience of four different dark berries blended into the most refreshing vape experience imaginable. Venice Beach is the all day vape for that hot and sunny day. Bring a piece of So-Cal tradition to your vape party and drip VB.