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GRILL'D E-Liquid

Fresh off the grill, these classic fruit flavors are introduced to a sweet and subtle tobacco for a unique and incredible vape.ย 

Grilled Coconut By GRILL'D E-Liquid

We did the heavy work for you and peeled this puppy! Juicy and crisp, this coconut is fresh off the grill and bringing the islands right to your coils. One of the finer things in life, let your pallet experience the sensation of grilled coconut.ย  70% VG

Grilled Pear By GRILL'D E-Liquid

Apples are boring and pears DESERVE our attention! Maybe we are a bit excited, but this flavor bursts in your mouth with a savory and sweet explosion followed by everyoneโ€™s favorite touch a charcoal grilled flavor. Itโ€™s damn good. 70% VG

Grilled Pineapple By GRILL'D E-Liquid

Have you ever tasted a mouthwatering pineapple grilled on an open flame in Bora Bora? Pack your bags, itโ€™s perfectly ripened golden deliciousness will melt in your mouth. Grilled to perfection, this fruit is sure to take your taste buds on a vacation! 70% VG